Michele Blood Positive Affirmation
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Advanced Transformation 6 Week Online Video Course


Take Your Spirituality to A Whole New Level! Learn what’s keeping you from your spiritual advancement. Are You Feeling Stuck in Your Spiritual Practice? The majority of spiritual seekers get to a certain point and then their progress stops. Do You Feel You Are Ready to Advance Further? Have you longed to feel the higher blissful states that advanced seekers experience?

You will also receive $1000 worth of extra products including:

  • 2 FREE Months Membership in The Mystical Experience™ at the Platinum Level
  • New Paradigms
  • Become A Magnet To Money Through The Sea Of Unlimited Consciousness Audiobook
  • The Science Of Getting Rich Audiobook
  • The Science Of Being Great Audiobook
  • Michele’s Magnetic Creative Visualization
  • Turbo Charged Goal Setting Action Planner
  • Songs For Success Album
  • The Magic Of Affirmation Power Audiobook

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